The clinical process is a partnership in which Susan assists people
  • Developing the capacity to reflect and be curious of one’s
    feelings, thoughts and behaviors.  The capacity to reflect allows one to
    feel like they have more control in their life and relationships.

  • Developing insight into one's feelings, thoughts and
    behaviors.  This allows one to gain a greater understanding of who they are and
    the life choices they make.

  • Understanding the triggers to anxiety and panic is an
    essential part of alleviating these uncomfortable feelings.  
    The symptoms of anxiety and panic can be maladaptive ways of coping with
    difficult situations.  Finding other ways to soothe oneself during these difficult
    moments is essential for alleviating acute anxiety.

  • Improving one's self-esteem and self-worth is a vital aspect
    of living a happier, more satisfying life.  Understanding the many
    parts of oneself and gaining more acceptance of these aspects of oneself can be
    quite rewarding.   

  • Developing and maintaining strong and healthy
    relationships.  Feeling more fulfilled in one's relationships, occurs when we
    feel better about ourselves and learn more effective ways to interact with others.  
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"I strive to understand an individual's unique life
experience. I provide a safe, supportive and empathic
atmosphere that allows an individual to explore and
understand their inner experiences and struggles."
--Susan Greenberg, LCSW